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About Research
ER Stress Laboratory is one of the well-known laboratories in Republic of Korea and the scientific community worldwide. Our laboratory is a part of medical school, Chonbuk National University, Jeonju, Republic of Korea.
Our research group dug deep into the endoplasmic reticulum stress (ER stress) and associated proteins in search of pathological relevancy which help to develop medicines. Our research focus is on integrated approach, where basic and preclinical investigations are integrated for breakthrough in the development of medicines. We have multinational team dedicated to define the molecular mechanism of ER stress-originated pathologies in cancer, diabetes and obesity. To accomplish the wider goals of the laboratory, we employ multi-disciplinary approach, where ER physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology are adopted along with the in vivo and in vitro experiments to identify key molecular pathways that determine the cell’s response to physiologic and pathophysiologic ER stress. Our researches are supported by various national and international organizations.
Professor of Pharmacology
Dean of Pharmacy School
Director in Korean Molecular Cell Biology
Director of Non-Clinical Evaluation Center, Jeonbuk National University Hospital
RA, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, USA, 2001-2003
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, CBNU, 2003-2008
Associate Professor, School of Medicine, CBNU, 2008-2013
Email: hjchae@jbnu.ac.kr
Prof Han-Jung Chae
Prof Han-Jung Chae is leader and principal investigator for the projects which come under ER Stress Lab/New Drug Development Institute. Also, Prof Han-Jung Chae is the Director of ER Stress and Chaperone, Korean Molecular Cell Biology, and Member of Korean Academic and Science and Technology. Under the leadership of Prof Han-Jung Chae, ER Stress Laboratory has grown tremendously and has become a well known laboratory in Republic of Korea.
Apart from the research, Prof Han-Jung Chae has the responsibility of teaching budding medical students. Under the leadership of Prof Han-Jung Chae, ER Stress Laboratory has published several research articles in reputed journals, and these publications have contributed significantly to the scientific community. Also, Prof Han-Jung Chae is a leading member in establishment of the new world class pharmacy school which is slated to begin in March 2020.